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     Welcome to IceDazzler. This site is more or less mainly a Petz site; minus the parts about me, of course : ) I breed mainly Tamsins. I do own the occasional hexed cat though, who are normally based on cats from books I've read (for example, Mogget is from the Sabriel Series) or cats that I know. All petz here will be for Petz 4 unless my Petz 5 miraculously starts working again.

Don't know what Petz are? Then go to...!

     IceDazzler was published on February 16, 2003. I was first inspired to start my own website by Supernova (which can be found in Links). I was just really impressed by it & wanted a site of my own.
     My site's name is actually my real dog's show prefix.  I kind of 'borrowed' . I changed my dogz' prefixes to Ice's so that her breeders wouldn't try to sue me or something. My catz' prefixes are Daze's.

A blue-eyed Dali I drew myself!

What's New?

     March 30, 2003: I haven't updated in soo long! But I think a nice litter can make up for it. It's got some really cute Tamsins. I've also added a few pics to My Artwork.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.